Search and Enquiry

1. This search only permits entry of a single search criterion. If you intend to use multiple search criteria or cannot find your intended result(s), please use Advanced Search.

2. This search will search within the following areas:

  • IP number (i.e., application / registration / case numbers)
  • IP applicant / proprietor / agent / representative / inventor name
  • IP name (i.e. trade mark description, patent title, design article / non-physical product name, GI representation).

3. Automatic detection of the type of search criterion (e.g. application number or applicant name) is integrated in this search. You may amend the system-suggested category before searching.

4. This search does not use fuzzy search logic, hence only search results containing the search criterion will be displayed (e.g. search for "apple" will display "apple tree" but not "pple").

5. When searching business names, you may wish to remove business suffixes (e.g. Pte Ltd, Corp) to get more results.

6. Wildcard symbols are not supported in this search.

7. For the export of search results, login is required and there is a limit on the number of search results that can be exported.